Continuous Stability

All of our electric pallet trucks and stackers include our Continuous Stability System, which reduces incidence of tipping while turning corners, or travelling on uneven surfaces.  Want to learn more?

Regenerative Braking

Regenerative braking is a braking system that’s able to recapture much of the truck’s kinetic energy – normally lost while coming to a stop – and convert it into electricity, so that it can be used to recharge the batteries. Want to learn more?

Anti Roll-back

All of Stärke’s Energy Series 3 and 4 wheel electric forklifts include our anti roll-back protection as part of our commitment to workplace safety and accident prevention. Want to learn more?

AC Electric Motors

An AC electric motor, found in all of Stärke’s electric forklifts and the majority of our electric pallet trucks and utility vehicles, offers an efficient and maintenance-free alternative to DC drives. Want to learn more?

Wide View Masts

Our forklifts are designed to provide an unobstructed view through the mast with either 3 or 4 valves using external hydraulic lift cylinders and other innovative features.  Want to learn more?