Anti-rollback Protection - Electric Forklift

Among the innovative safety features included in Stärke’s 3 & 4 wheel electric forklifts is our anti-rollback protective system – designed to assist in preventing forklift-related accidents and damages in the workplace. This system provides an added layer of protection against the forklift rolling back on a ramp when the brake pedal is not applied while also offering improved ramp start-up capabilities.

How does the anti-rollback system work? For the anti-rollback function to activate, the machine must be turned on and in gear with throttle released. This triggers the anti-rollback mechanism, which electrically stops the forklift from rolling back even if the brake is released. Including anti-rollback protection is a must when dealing with steep inclines and grades where a moment of carelessness can cause an accident as a forklift roll back downhill.

Note: the anti-rollback feature will not work unless the forklift is in operation. Never leave the seat of your forklift when on a ramp, regardless of the added protection an anti-rollback system offers. The operator is always responsible for their machine, and should remain in the unit when on a ramp, steep grade, or while the forklift is in operation.