Forklift Speed Limits

Unlike automobilies, no legally mandated speed limit exists for forklifts. Instead, organizations such as ANSI and legislation such OSHA and OHSA define maximum travelling speed in relation safe stopping distances. View our forklift speed infographic.

Forklift Purchasing Guide

Purchasing a new forklift represents a significant investment in your business and should be approached with care. View our forklift purchasing guide infographic.

Forklift Safety Tips and Statistics

Forklifts, if used improperly, pose a serious safety hazard and we have the statistics to prove it. While forklift-related accidents occur less frequently than others, they also account for a higher percentage of serious injuries. View our forklift safety tips and statistics infographic.

Forklift Safety Tips

Most forklift-related incidents can be avoided through proper training and safety awareness. To help you and your operators stay safe, we’ve compiled our Top 10 forklift safety tips. View our top 10 forklift safety tips infographic.

Winter Forklift Safety

Between the freezing temperatures, falling snow, ice build-up and low visibility, operating a forklift in the depths of winter requires additional training and knowledge when compared with fair weather operation. View our winter forklift safety infographic.

Pre-Operation Inspection

Pre-operation safety checks or inspections are required by both OSHA (USA) and OHSA (Canada). These inspections help spot maintenance and safety issues before they become an issue. View our pre-operation inspection infographic.

Applications Matter

Each material handling application is unique and requires a solution matched to its needs and requirements. At Stärke, our comprehensive line of material handling equipment offers solutions for most applications. View our applications matter infographic.

ITA Classifications

There are 7 ITA lift truck classifications – each with their own unique characteristics. View our ITA classification infographic to learn the differences.