Forklift Purchasing Tips Infographic

Purchasing a new forklift represents a significant investment in your business and should be approached with care. In light of this, we’ve compiled our Top 10 purchasing tips in this infographic:

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Top 10 List

  • Verify all measurements, weights and requirements as they relate to your application, products and facility.
  • Invite a reputable dealer to conduct a full and in-depth site survey at your facility before creating your wish list.
  • Conduct a circle check inspection before operation to ensure the forklift is in operation condition and fully functional.
  • Inquire about new technologies and models. Manufacturers are constantly releasing new and innovative features.
  • Make sure to check to see if your employees will require additional training to operate any new units or utilize new features.
  • Determine what type of fuel (LPG, gas or diesel) or power source (AC electric) best suits your application.
  • Don’t assume that you can replace your old forklift with a new one of the same capacity. There are differences from one brand to the next.
  • Calculate the total cost of ownership for a given equipment option. Beyond the retail price, consider maintenance costs, fuel, parts and financing.
  • How available are replacement parts for potential equipment options? Does the dealer have an extensive inventory of parts on-site?
  • Carefully research and inspect all potentially equipment options. If it’s a used model, have a reputable mechanic conduct a thorough inspection before purchase.


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