Starke Electric Counterbalanced Forklifts

Why choose the Energy Series?

Starke Material Handling Group is committed to providing high quality and durable electric forklifts and electric lift trucks for even the most challenging applications. Our counterbalanced electric forklifts offer an environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions with zero emission, low energy consumption models. As an environmentally friendly material handling solution, Starke’s Energy Series features a range of electric forklifts ideal for indoor work environments.

Starke Energy Series

As our premium line of electric forklifts, the XVI Energy Series includes new and innovative design and engineering that places it in a class of its own. Features such as our wide view mast, zero emission – low vibration AC motors, Zapi AC controllers, enhanced ergonomics, regenerative braking, a slide out battery tray and a wide range of options help separate them from the competition while our commitment to high quality, cost-conscious engineering ensures that you’ll get value and quality at a reasonable price.

All Starke AC Electric Forklifts are available in traditional cushion tires, for indoor / warehouse applications where tight turning radius’ and maneuverability and most important, or pneumatic / resilient pneumatic tires for indoor and outdoor applications where rough and uneven terrain poses more of a challenge.

Available in lift capacities ranging from 3,000 – 7,000 lbs., up to 236″ lift heights, and in 3-wheel or 4-wheel models.


XVI Energy Series
XVI Energy Series
Mast Design
XVI Energy Series
XVI Energy Series
Overhead Guard


Find savings with our cost effective equipment solutions including lower maintenance costs and our excellent warranties


All Energy Series forklifts are equipped with high efficiency, zero emission and low vibration electric motors


Starke offers industry-leading warranties – including parts and labor coverage – on all of our product lines


Customize performance, energy use and other key factors with an advanced Zapi AC controller system


Starke equipment is designed to meet or exceed ANSI/ASME standards, are CE approved and are manufactured in ISO certified facilities


Our growing independent dealership network includes 55+ locations spread across North America

Starke Energy Series Mini Forklift

Perfect for indoor applications where size matters, the compact Mini Forklift enjoys an impressive turning radius, making it ideal for retail settings or construction projects where a light-weight portable lift is required.

The Starke Mini FBT15 will consistently deliver on its revolutionary potential through the strength of its design, cost-effective operation, an industry-leading warranty, and its straightforward and intuitive controls. Just imagine the possibilities.

Available in 3,000 lb. lift capacity with a maximum lift height of 196″.