Wideview Forklift Masts

To maximize productivity without sacrificing safety or risking product damage, the new XVI line of forklifts from Stärke provides industry-leading visibility in all four directions with an innovative clear view mast and an improved cab design.

A common problem in the manufacturing of forklift masts has always been the challenge of improving the operator’s visibility. Stärke has overcome this hurdle through years of industry and design experience. The Stärke Professional XVI FG 40-50 forklift offers an impressive open view whether the operator is looking forward, up or down, with or without a load. This unit in particular also includes an improved rear view when the driver is backing up the forklift.

The open view mast improves efficiency in the workplace as well as reducing the risks associated with poor visibility when carrying a load through a facility, loading and unloading trailers, navigating, stacking and unstacking shelving. Reduce the risks of accidents, injury and down-time and increase productivity with the Stärke improved view mast forklift.