3-wheel-electric-forklift,energy FBT20X

Productive and Economical

Like our smaller 3-wheel unit, the FBT15-MINI, the FBT20X is a perfect entry-level electric forklift for low to moderate usage applications. Not only is this unit cost-effective but it also ensures reduced maintenance costs and simplified operations versus other, competing models – making it one of the easiest models to integrate into your current operation. Contact your local authorized Stärke forklift dealer for more information or a pressure-free quote on this or any other Stärke model.

With the FBT20X, we took many of the features that made the FBT15-MINI our best selling unit and supercharged them into this compact workhorse. Among it’s most attractive features include a regenerative braking system that improves battery life but upwards of 20%, maintenance-free wet disc brakes, the option to fully customize operation with its Curtis AC controller and a side-loaded battery that eliminates the need for an expensive battery crane.

All Stärke AC Electric Forklifts are available in traditional cushion tires, for indoor / warehouse applications where tight turning radius’ and maneuverability and most important, or pneumatic / resilient pneumatic tires for indoor and outdoor applications where rough and uneven terrain poses more of a challenge.

Notable features include:

  • Lower total cost of ownership and purchase price when compared to traditional full-sized 3-wheel electric forklifts
  • 48V battery included with the unit – no 3rd party purchase necessary
  • A fully programmable Curtis AC controller and diagnostic package
  • High performance multi-function instrumentation with LED light and display functions
  • Side loaded battery for easy access battery maintenance and/or replacement
  • Anti-rollback Protection
  • Clear View Mast
  • Curtis Controller
  • Electric Power Steering
  • LCD Instrument Panel
  • Operator Presence Switch
  • Programmable Dash
  • Regenerative Braking
  • Wet Disc Brakes
Capacity 4,000 lbs.
Lift Height 118-244"
Turning Radius 65"
Travel Speed 8.0 mph (laden) / 8.7 mph (unladen)
Lift Speed 9.8 in/s (laden) / 16.5 in/s (unladen)
Lower Speed 23.6 in/s (laden) / 23.6 in/s (unladen)
Gradeability 15%
Drive Motor 3.0 HP
Lift Motor 3.0 HP
Battery Voltage / Rated Capacity 48V / 560aH
Control System Curtis
Wheelbase 57.7"
Ground Clearance 3.5"
Mast Height Lowered 79.0" - 104.7"
Overall Length (Without Forks) 79.9"
Overall Width 44.5"
Service Weight with Battery 7,590 lbs.

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