ecomaxx,sitdown-counterbalanced EcoMaxx FD30-35RT4

EcoMaxx Series - Rough Terrain Forklifts - 6,000 - 7,000 lbs.

The EcoMaxx Series of rough terrain forklifts are built for the toughest applications and are designed from the ground up to lift and transport heavy loads over uneven surfaces in challenging outdoor environments. Whether you’re working in construction, agriculture, mining, forestry or other industrial applications, these forklifts are designed and manufactured to handle steep grades, uneven surfaces, and difficult operating conditions.  With 4 wheel drive, excellent ground clearance, up to 7º of axle tilt and large pneumatic tires, the ECO-FD30/35-RT4 is designed to move freely over challenging terrain without getting stuck or high-centered in the uneven and muddy surfaces found in outdoor applications.


Notable features:

  • Vertical Exhaust and Intake – The vertical intake system prevents dust, dirt and water from entering the intake. Meanwhile, the vertical exhaust system provides good drainage in all weather conditions.
  • Easy Maintenance – A powered lift function, activated with a switch inside the cabin, tilts the cabin forward to provide easy access for maintenance tasks on important components such as the engine, electric control box, air filter and battery without the need to disassemble or remove the cab.
  • Hatz Engine – A compact, turbocharged 2L Hatz Tier 4 diesel engine provides efficient power for these EcoMaxx rough terrain forklifts.
  • Excellent Stability – Relative to a traditional forklift, our rough terrain model features an elongated wheelbase and wider chassis to increase the unit’s traction and stability.


Suitable applications include industries such as construction, forestry, agriculture, mining, building supplies and more. Contact us for more information or to find a dealership near you.

  • 4 Wheel Drive
  • Clear View Mast
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Hatz Engine
  • Hydraulic Lock Out System
  • Programmable Dash
  • Side Mounted Lift Cylinders
  • Spacious Operator Cabin
Capacity 6,000 - 7,000 lbs.
Lift Height 78.7" - 270"
Turning Radius 172.4"
Travel Speed 15.5 mph (unladen)
Lift Speed 18.9 in/s (laden)
Gradeability (unladen) 30%
Diesel Engine
Engine Hatz 4H50TIC
Type Tier IV
Cylinders / Displacement 4 / 2L
Horsepower 54.9
Torque 240 ft-lb
Transmission Powershift Automatic
Service Brake Hydraulic
Parking Braking Hand

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