ecomaxx,sitdown-counterbalanced EcoMaxx FG50-70

EcoMaxx Series - LPG Forklifts - 11,000 - 15,400 lbs.

Have a heavy duty, indoor/outdoor forklift application? Don’t want to pay the needless premiums demanded by the big boys? Our EcoMaxx Series of forklifts were designed from the ground up to find an ideal balance of quality, innovation, rugged durability and a reasonable price tag. Ranging from 11,000 – 15,400 lb. capacity, our EcoMaxx Series of lift trucks utilizes the latest technology and advanced engineering to create economical lift trucks with low emissions and low noise to protect your working environment. Designed with common sense innovations and controlling costs in mind, our EcoMaxx Series forklifts provide rugged durability at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. All of our heavy duty LPG models are available with US EPA-approved engines, all of which are controlled by an advanced IMPCO fuel system to provide both high-end performance and reduced fuel consumption.

Notable features include:

  • Wide View Masts – Intelligent design and effective chain and hose placement allows for wider forward visibility from the operator seat. With a clearer view of the forks operators are more efficient, accurate, and safe in load handling.
  • Various Mast Options – Available with duplex or triplex masts with lift heights from 78.7″ – 270″
  • High Quality Engines – Multiple engine choices including GM, PSI and others
  • Operator Comfort – Standard ergonomic features include a full suspension seat for added comfort, rear handle with horn and wide angle mirrors to reduce the amount of unnecessary movement and turning.
  • Excellent Standard Features – Stock models include Cascade side-shift, 4th valve and IHR, dual LPG tanks with ergonomically designed swing-down tank brackets.
    • Mast options include a 2 stage wide view mast from 98″ – 236″, a 2 stage mast with full free lift from 98″ to 157″ and a 3 stage mast with full free lift from 146″ – 236″
  • Clear View Mast
  • GM 4.3L Engine
  • Hydraulic Lock Out System
  • LCD Instrument Panel
  • Spacious Operator Cabin
  • Swing-down Tank Bracket
Capacity 11,000 - 15,400 lbs.
Lift Height 78.7" - 270"
Turning Radius 128.0"
Travel Speed 14.9 mph (laden)
Lift Speed 12.2 - 13.8 in/s (laden)
Gradeability (unladen) 15 - 20%
LPG Engine
Engine GM 4.3L LPG
Cylinders / Displacement 6 / 4.3L
Horsepower 122
Torque 310 ft-lb
Transmission Powershift Automatic
Service Brake Hydraulic
Parking Braking Hand

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