Our Truly Independent Dealer Network

January 16, 2020
Posted by: Justin Engel

At Stärke Material Handling Group, we take a lot of pride in our approach to dealer development and our network of truly independent dealerships. Unlike most of our competition, particularly the core brands collectively known as the majors, our business model is built on a cooperative approach that places few restrictions or challenging requirements on our independent dealership network. This allows our dealers to focus on what they do best – providing outstanding customer service and support for their customers.


How We’re Different From The Rest

Our relaxed approach and emphasis on a cooperative approach begins with our attitudes towards sales and growth. We understand that, in the majority of cases, anyone buying a piece of Stärke equipment is buying our dealer first and foremost and the brand second. That’s not a knock against our brand but an understanding of the value of the dealer-customer relationship. These customers trust our dealers, know their reputation and primarily buy equipment based on those factors. As a brand, our job is to provide high quality equipment and provide after-sales support to our dealers. This approach allows us to place trust in our dealers and provide them with the flexibility to adapt to their local markets and sales cycles. As a result, our dealers aren’t forced into meeting unrealistic sales quotas, participating in overstocked floor plans or committing to essential become a company store by renaming their business, painting their building, and restricting their product offering to a single provider – all while gaining access to our expansive equipment offering!

By reducing the burden placed on our dealers, we allow them to focus on growing their business and serving their customers instead of fulfilling the burdensome requirements of their dealership agreement. Our truly independent dealers are able to sell our products and equipment without sacrificing their outstanding after sales support, maintenance and customer service. Their customers can take comfort from the fact that Stärke dealers are free to pursue their customers’ interests first and foremost, instead of worrying about pleasing the brand name on the front of the building. In this way, our dealers add value to each and every equipment sale beyond providing peace of mind at a fair price. At the same time, this strategy allows Stärke to focus on improving and expanding our product offering, as well as providing outstanding technical assistance and support to our dealership network and end-users alike.

How are we able to pursue such a dealer development strategy? It’s simple: we target dealerships that are driven by entrepreneurs with a passion for growth and providing excellent customer service. This strategy allows our dealers to enjoy the kind of freedom they need to pursue mutual growth while adapting to changes within their local market and industry. We recognize the value the knowledge they provide on their local market, challenges and needs and use this input to help guide our overall marketing and product development strategy. It is this synergy and cooperation between brand and dealer that’s come to define our business model and brand.


Want To Experience The Stärke Difference?

If all this sounds too good to be true, we encourage you to reach out to inquire about available dealer territories in your area. We are always interested in talking with qualified dealers that emphasize customer service and an entrepreneurial spirit. We encourage you to visit our dealer map to view available territories and dealer opportunities page for more information. Alternatively, feel free to fill out a contact request and talk to us directly.


Justin Engel

Justin Engel is the marketing specialist at Stärke Material Handling Group. In addition to content development, he also handles graphic and website design, SEO, PR and strategic planning.

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