Forklift Cab Enclosures

October 31, 2017
Posted by: Justin Engel

The harsh environmental conditions found in some forklift applications present a number of safety issues for managers and employees alike.  Faced with conditions such as extreme temperatures, airborne particulate, and excessive noise, managers must take additional measures to adequately protect employees from the harmful effects of the environment.  Without these protective measures, employees are at risk of experiencing extreme discomfort or developing a variety of ailments including respiratory illnesses and irritated soft tissues.

Forklift Cab Enclosures

Full cab enclosures are designed and constructed to provide a sheltered, stable internal environment while maintaining an optimal balance between comfort, safety and performance.  This is accomplished by creating a protective 360° protective barrier around the forklift with a metal frame encased in impact resistant glass.  The effect is a climate controlled cocoon of sorts, which is insulated from the external environment and gives the operator control of the climate inside the cabin.

At Stärke Material Handling Group, all of our forklifts can be ordered with what’s known as a greenhouse cab.  As the name implies, a greenhouse cab is largely composed of impact resistant glass framed by strategically positioned metal framing.  This setup provides an unobstructed view all the way around the forklift while offering protection from the outside environment.  For added comfort, these Stärke cabs also feature adjustable windows on the doors and rear panel, and optional heaters, fans and air conditioners.

Where to Use a Cab Enclosure

While they provide an excellent means of protecting your employees from external environmental factors, forklift cab enclosures are not suited for all applications.  Among the best uses of a forklift cab include applications that face the following conditions:

  • Temperature extremes including heavy usage outdoor applications, metal casting and manufacturing floors;
  • Prolific airborne particulate including dust or grain particles and paint spray; and,
  • Excessive noise from metal stamping.

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