XVI Energy Series Features and Benefits

March 3, 2017
Posted by: Justin Engel

After receiving recognition as one of the fastest growing companies in Canada for the second straight year and expanding its range of Class II and Class III equipment with the introduction of an electric dock stocker, reach rider truck and an order picker, Stärke is looking to follow up on a landmark year in 2016 with the emergence of its new XVI series of 3,000 – 7,000 lb. 3 and 4-wheel electric counterbalanced forklifts in 2017. Designed to provide economical, environmentally-friendly production in a variety of applications, the XVI Series of electric forklifts easily justifies the early praise it’s received thus far.

Ideal for Indoor Operations – The new XVI series of electric forklifts was designed to operate in a variety of indoor and environmentally controlled applications including warehouses, factories, inside tractor trailers and shipping containers, greenhouse operations, and locations within the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. With a solid construction heavy duty chassis, the XVI’s compact and durable frame results in a 20% increase in operator protection from falling loads or debris yet still maintains a tight 85° turning radius through independent drive motors. Together with the XVI’s high visibility round bracket mast design, the XVI energy series delivers all the maneuverability necessary to operate within narrow aisles and other confined spaces.

Efficient Production – All of the major components within XVI energy series forklifts work in conjunction to maximize overall efficiency regardless of the application. With the integration of a fully programmable Zapi AC controller, the XVI’s lift and travel speeds, torque, turning and braking can all be adjusted to better suit an individual operator or the unique demands of a given application. Meanwhile, the XVI’s highly efficient AC motors and regenerative braking system supplement the capacity of its large domestic battery compartment, for high powered 36v or 48v batteries, and further extend the XVI’s impressive battery life and low operating costs.

Operator Ergonomics and Comfort – The XVI series of electric forklifts incorporates a number of features which address longstanding issues revolving around operator comfort and vehicle ergonomics. From an operational perspective, the vehicles efficient braking system, AC traction and hydraulic motors minimize discomfort by reducing the levels of noise and vibration produced by the forklift. Then, to ensure that its operators remain in a comfortable and natural position, the XVI energy series of forklifts includes a deluxe suspension seat, tilt steering wheel, multi-functional armrest, cowl-mounted hydraulic controls, a high-mounted rear combination light and an enlarged headlight with optional LED light system.

Reduced Costs and Easier Maintenance – In addition to improving the cost of operation, efficiency and productivity of XVI electric forklifts, the Zapi AC Controller provides an additional layer of protection through several failsafe systems. To prevent the vehicles from causing an accident by rolling backwards while on a ramp or other grade, an anti-rollback mechanism automatically stops the vehicle if the brake is released. The Zapi Controller also recognizes electrical malfunctions such as shorted wires, open circuits and reversed polarity on charger cables to inhibit any additional damage from being done. The Zapi AC Controller is also programmed to send the vehicle into safe mode in the event that the engine or inverters begin to overheat.

By incorporating such innovative engineering and design features in the XVI series of three-wheel and four-wheel electric forklifts, Stärke continues to demonstrate its commitment to develop equipment solutions based upon emerging market forces, customer needs and changes to our environment. For more information contact us via email or call us toll free at 1-877-435-4352.


Justin Engel

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