materials handling Innovations

Stärke Material Handling innovations are found throughout its entire line of forklifts, lift trucks and utility vehicles. With industry-first innovations leading the way, Stärke also incorporates top industry design aspects in a line of materials handling equipment that is second to none. Learn more about the revolutionary innovations Stärke is including in our equipment to create a safer and more efficient working environment.

The Stärke Continuous Stability System reduces incidence of tipping while turning corners, or travelling on uneven surfaces. (Learn More)

The Stärke 3 & 4 wheel Energy (electric) forklifts all include this protective feature to assist in preventing accidents in the workplace. (Learn More)

A braking system that can recapture much of the truck's kinetic energy and convert it into electricity, so that it can be used to recharge the batteries. (Learn More)

Attention to detail where ergonomic design is concerned creates a happier workforce contributing to less injuries and higher efficiency. (Learn More)

The Stärke wider mast view was conceptuialized to offer the operator the most extensive view possible in a forklift. (Learn More)

Immersed in oil, the wet disc brake is a sealed unit keeping outside debris from entering. Wet disc brakes are maintenance -free. (Learn More)

An AC electric motor, found in all of Stärke’s electric forklifts and the majority of our electric pallet trucks and utility vehicles offers a maintenance free alternative to DC drives. (Learn More)