liftmaxx,semi-electric-stacker EMSA3300X

Ideal for infrequent, low volume applications

An affordable walkie straddle stacker with a powered lift and manual push-pull functions, the EMSA3300X’s versatility will save you both time and effort in infrequent and low volume applications. Designed to lift a variety of loads via adjustable forks and straddle legs, the EMSA3300X is perfect for racking and shelving applications, as well as loading/unloading trucks and trailers where loading docks do not exist. An efficient on-board charger recharges a 12V battery pack for long intervals between charges.


Notable Features:

  • Low Energy Consumption – With manual push-pull functions, the EMSA3300X minimizes energy consumption and needs.
  • Load Versatility – With adjustable straddle legs and forks, this unit easily accommodates a variety of load sizes.
  • User-Friendly – Fully powered lift functions and an ergonomic handle offer a smooth and comfortable experience without the cost and upkeep of fully electric options.
  • Cost-effective – By eliminating a drive motor, the EMSA3300X is available at a lower purchase price than a comparable electric straddle stacker while its reduced energy demands also decrease your operating costs.
  • 110V On-board Charger
  • Adjustable Straddles
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Hour Meter and BDI
  • Nylon Entry Rollers
Capacity 3,300 lbs.
Lift Height 118.1"
Turning Radius 62.7"
Lifting Speed 3.1 in/s (laden) / 3.9 in/s (unladen)
Lowering Speed 5.9 in/s (laden) / 4.7 in/s (unladen)
Battery Type Battery Tray
Battery Voltage and Rated Capacity 12V / 120aH
Charger 110V On-board
Ground Clearance 1.4"
Mast Height Lowered 80.1"
Overall Length 71.2"
Overall Width 44.6" - 60.3"
Inside Straddle Width 35.4" (min) / 53.1" (max)
Outside Straddle Width 44.6" (min) / 60.3" (max)
Service Weight with Battery 1,210 lbs.

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