liftmaxx,manual-stacker MSA3300X

Compact, Economical and Simple Operation

The most straightforward option available in terms of straddled lifts, manual straddle stackers serve as an ideal entry point for first time buyers.  With manual (hand or foot operated) lift functions, these models are generally used in low-volume applications for their low-cost and ease of upkeep.  Among the most common uses of the manual straddle stacker is in smaller retail operations, where they avoid ergonomically unsound hand-bombing and/or save hundreds to thousands of dollars in tailgate fees whenever trailers are loaded/unloaded without the aid of a drop-down tailgate.

With manual lift and push/pull operation, the MSA3300X  is an economical alternative to traditional forklifts that requires little additional upkeep or maintenance.

  • Low Effort Operation – an ergonomic handle and hand or foot lift operation minimize operator discomfort and strain.
  • Durable Design – high quality steel construction ensures and industrial fittings guarantees years of dependable operation.
  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Fixed Straddles
  • Hand and Foot Lift Control
  • Super Pump
LiftMaxx MSA3300X
Capacity 3,300 lbs.
Lift Height 118.1"
Turning Radius 47.1"
Ground Clearance 1.0"
Mast Height Lowered 80.1"
Overall Length 58.4"
Overall Width 59.4"
Inside Straddle Width 50.4"
Outside Straddle Width 59.4"
Service Weight 770 lbs.

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