Starke Professional Series Internal Combustion Counterbalanced Forklift Lift Trucks

Stärke Material Handling Group has partnered with some of the largest and most respected lenders in Canada & the United States to provide our customers with customized lease and financing options. Whether you’re looking for a single pallet truck or an entire fleet of counterbalanced forklifts, all Stärke dealers have access to excellent lease rates and financing programs, all meant to ensure that your business is capable of procuring the right industrial lift equipment for your unique needs and application.

If your business is currently emphasizing growth or requires lift equipment for light duty applications, our lease and financing programs represent an ideal solution for your business. Our leasing options will minimize the impact on your cash flow while providing the benefits of ownership without the full costs and responsibilities.

Want to really make your accountant happy? To make purchasing a forklift even easier on our valued customers, Stärke has created a guaranteed service and maintenance plan that can be integrated into your financing program. By incorporating this value-added guaranteed service plan into your monthly payments, you’ll secure your equipment and its maintenance for a single monthly payment amount over the entire term of your lease. Through this program, you can gain peace of mind while providing stability to your operation and yearly budget.

For more information on all of the financing plans available, contact your local Stärke dealer today. There is a plan that will meet the short and long-term requirements of your business.