Dealer Opportunities

For many small-medium sized dealerships, a substantial gulf exists between the demands placed on them by the majors brands and their day-to-day economic realities. Between the unrealistic sales goals, quota-based support systems, territorial restructuring, and in-territory competition, many of these dealers find themselves frustrated and without a clear path to succeed or grow. As shifts in the economy continues to place downward pressure on prices, many small-medium sized dealerships struggle to survive and clash with the business models used by the major brands in the material handling industry.

At Stärke, we understand this struggle all too well. In fact, our brand began as a way to not only survive but thrive amidst changing economic circumstances. After decades of experience representing other major brands, we understand the struggles dealers face on a day-to-day basis and recognized the need for a different approach and a new business model. This new approach places fewer demands on dealerships by removing the quota system altogether. Instead, we utilize a system of projections that fits sales targets to the dealer and their circumstances, not the other way around.

We also know that most customers buy equipment based on their relationship with the dealer, not the brand, so we emphasize a cooperative and local approach to marketing as a result. Our goal is to provide industry-leading sales and marketing support which places our dealers in a position to succeed in their market, with their customers. At Stärke, you'll have direct access to our marketing department and customized marketing materials including, but not limited to website design and search engine optimization, customize artwork for posters, banners, emails and advertisements, and the kind of advice and support your dealership needs to thrive today's digital environment.

We are confident in our ability to provide the assistance and support our dealers need to thrive, and heavily invest in them as a result. We're willing to chance on your success. How about you? If you're ready to put your dealership's growth and success first, contact us today for more information on dealership opportunities near you!

Stärke is accepting dealer applications for territories throughout North America. If you are interested in becoming instantly competitive with the major brands, talk to us about the value and quality Stärke offers our Dealer network.

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