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Stärke Material Handling Group - Because it makes sense to expect peace of mind at a fair price

Stärke = German for Strength

A wholly owned and operated Canadian Company, Stärke Material Handling Group is no stranger to the materials handling industry. Our roots in the material handling industry date back to a family-owned dealership established in the Niagara Region during the 1930's. After years serving as a Canadian master distributor for other offshore brands, we created the Stärke brand in 2010 as a way to introduce small to medium sized forklift and lift equipment dealerships to a revenue stream previously restricted to larger dealerships in the materials handling industry.

Using the experience and knowledge gained from decades of experience in the material handling industry, Stärke began a comprehensive research process in search of the best equipment the industry had to offer. That process led us to utilize ISO certified factories throughout the world which are the best at what they do - some of which are owned by and/or produce equipment for some of the top material handling equipment companies in the world.

Stärke also employs German engineering in several of our product features and components, along with some of the most stringent quality control measures in the industry. Every unit off the line comes into Starke’s facilities in Niagara, Canada, to go through a thorough pre-dealer delivery inspection process. Our dealers then perform their own PDI inspection upon receipt (adhering to ANSI B56.1), examining the product again before it is shipped to the end-user. Starke material Handling Group - Because it makes sense to expect peace of mind at a fair price!

Starke Quality Control Measures
Starke has a detailed and binding manufacturing agreement with its factories guaranteeing quality and continuous improvement. All products are designed, engineered and manufactured to meet all ANSI B56.1 standards and are CE approved.

Continuous Improvement
Starke reports all quality issues to the factory at four points:

  • Upon initial receipt
  • Pre/post-delivery inspection
  • Warranty claim
  • Dealer and end-user feedback

Corporate Responsibility
Stärke considers the environment when designing product and has high expectations for our factories when considering sustainable manufacturing practices.

Mission Statement
To become a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of material handling equipment providing dependable solutions and value for our customers.

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